Abusive Friendships 2.0

Well shit, it's been a hot minute since I did one of these. And honestly the reason for that is that I've just been having so much trouble finding time, inspiration and effort to write about the same things that have just been repeating themselves continuously. But now I have a lot to write about. … Continue reading Abusive Friendships 2.0


Writer’s Block or Lack of Motivation?

I'm acutely aware it's been a hot minute since I made a blog post. To be honest, I'd give you a bullshit reason to try and cover up what's really been going on but I feel like I owe you more than that. Plain and simply, I have no motivation to do anything. It's not … Continue reading Writer’s Block or Lack of Motivation?

Abusive & Manipulative Friendships

I made a tweet on this exact subject a few months back, and it got more attention than I could've imagined. So much so that I realised - people talk about abusive and manipulative relationships all the time, but I've rarely ever if at all seen anyone talk about the same in friendships. So for … Continue reading Abusive & Manipulative Friendships

My FAVE Bands and Albums (Part 1)

I mentioned in my first post how important music is to me, and I also promised to talk about my favourite bands and their albums, so here it is!! Bare with me though, there's a lot to get through and it took me a lot of time to compile this listūüė©. Enjoy!! In case you … Continue reading My FAVE Bands and Albums (Part 1)

Felt cute idk, might delete later

So, I figured instead of naming my "About Me", "About Me", I'd give it a more creative, memeulous name. How'd I do?;') I've written two sentences and I'm already off topic. Okay. Here we go. About Me. Unless you're blind or just unobservant like and didn't see my Instagram¬†and Twitter plugs on the left-hand side … Continue reading Felt cute idk, might delete later

So.. Music?

So I guess you could say I've been to a lot of gigs. What can I say? They're my happy place. It was only really when I fell in love with a band called All Time Low that I fell in love with concerts, though. I mean,¬†yeah,¬†I'd been to concerts before that, and I¬†did¬†enjoy them, … Continue reading So.. Music?